An unincorporated community in Eastern Orange County, Silverado sits nestled within the Santa Ana Mountains in eastern Orange County. The majority of Silverado is located within the Cleveland National Forest, and 99% of Silverado is untouched by development.

Silverado is only made up of a few hundred residents. If you enjoy a “small town atmosphere,” Silverado may be the place for you. Silverado is home to one store, one restaurant, a post office, and a public library. As is the case with many of the small towns in Orange County, you’re never too far away from anything.

There are several proposed projects, mainly by the Irvine Company. The development company has its sights set on two developments. The first development would reside along Jamboree Road and Santiago Canyon Road, past Irvine Lake. The second project proposal would overlook Irvine lake, and is thought to include more than 2,400 homes on just over 1,000 acres.

The Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Silverado, and is a bird watchers paradise. The natural preserved museum has a variety of preserved specimens of the wildlife that currently surround the area.