Lake Forest

Formerly named El Toro, the city of Lake Forest was actually one of the four largest ranchos in the Saddleback Valley. El Toro Marine Base, which closed in 1999 and resides within Lake Forest city limits, once possessed America’s largest air show of any kind.

Serrano Creek Community Park is a fascinating little park that follows Serrano Creek and Serrano Road. It is here that you will find an enormous grove of eucalyptus that dominate the scenery. Their pleasant aroma infuses the walking paths that hos cyclists and pedestrians. Heritage Hill Historical Park is located at the southern end of this beautiful park.

The Heritage Hill Historical Park was the county’s first historical park, and brings together four buildings from different eras in Saddleback Valley history. Tours are available at 2 pm, Wednesday through Friday, with an additional tour beginning at 11:00 a.m. on weekends.

Lake Forest is also home to the El Toro Grammar School, which is a one-room schoolhouse that was built in 1890. The schoolhouse was used for grades one through eight until 1914, and eventually used as a Catholic church until 1968.Eventually, El Toro Grammar School was donated to the county and relocated with the historical park’s boundaries.

The most popular attraction within the Heritage Hill Historical Park is the Serrano Adobe. This adobe was built around 1863 and is the only surviving adobe from the Rancho Canada de Los Alisos of Don Jose Serrano. The adobe is an unbelievable sitem, and is also mentioned in Guide to CaliforniaState Historic Landmarks.

Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park offers 1,500 acres of woodlands.Here you will find sycamore and oak groves, a variety of rock formations, ponds, and rolling hills of grass and canyons. The park also has authentic wildflowers, poppies, Indian paintbrush, mustard, and clover. Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of this park is its location. It's close proximity to Interstate 5 allows guests to not have to travel too far in order to get here and relax.

If you enjoy Mexican food, Carmel’s offers tasty, authentic Mexican cuisines that are sure to fill you up. The eatery also brews Mexican Beer to go along with the food. Thie establishment is located in the Lake Forest Marketplace. Wine tasters can also enjoy a winery called The Wine Artist. It has a Tuscan themed atmosphere where wine is made and indulged. You can make your own personal recipe and see what skills you have to make it in the winery business.

Real estate prospects can expect to spend around $124,000 for a two bed, two bath within Lake Forest City limits. As is the case with most communities in Orange County, real estate prices can jump to the high millions, depending on how big of a place you and your family are in need of. The town offers nine public schools, as well as 5 private, so there is plenty to choose from when it comes to your children’s education.