Laguna Niguel

Located in the southern part of Orange County, Laguna Niguel shares the same beautiful rolling slopes of the Saddleback Valley that Laguna Hills and Mission Viejo do. Laguna Niguel consists of planned residential communities, and all have broad parkways which allows for its citizens to conduct a quick commute to and from work. Laguna Niguel’s skyline consists of countless homes that have Spanish tile roofs and reflect the different eras in which they were built.

Aliso and Wood Canyons Regional Park is a large, undeveloped area along the San Joaquin Hills. If you enjoy hiking, this park is ideal for day hikes and offers views of the Saddleback Valley and the Pacific Ocean.The park also offers biking and equestrian trails that reach the wild parts of this beautiful park. Dating back to the early park of the 19th century, there have been several archaeological findings here, as it was a place for Indians to hunt and fish. The park is also home of the Orange County Natural History Museum.

The Orange County Natural History Museum offers many exhibits regarding the species that are home-grown in this region of California, such as reptiles, insects, and birds. This is a regular place for children to come examine fossils and learn about their natural surroundings.

There are plenty of restaurants to choose from, but perhaps the most intriguing restaurant located within Laguna Niguel’s city limits is the China Sea Restaurant. This wonderful little restaurant features Mandarin style cooking, a style that is served at most Southland Chinese restaurants.

Housing prices start around $299,000 and soar up to $16.5 million, offering a grand choice for families and individuals to pick the right living arrangements suitable for them. There eight public schools and eight private schools, allowing you to choose the right education for your elementary and middle school-aged children. Close to the beach, future residents won’t have to worry about finding a home close to the ocean.