Laguna Hills

Spreading in and around the hills just west of the San Diego Freeway, the Laguna Hills community was created when Leisure World came along in the 1960’s. Home to just over 33,000, Laguna Hills is home to one of the nations most successful retirement communities.

Californians travel from all over to the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, Orange County’s only outdoor concert venue. The amphitheater is located next to the Wild Rivers Aquatic Park, and just south of the San Diego Freeway. The amphitheater features pop, rock, and classical music concerts, and is a wonderful way to catch your favorite recording artists. Three levels of “meadow seating” fill the outdoor venue, where listeners are able to picnic while listening to their favorite sounds.

Wild Rivers Water Park is located on Irvine Center Drive, and is Orange County’s lone waterpark not named the Pacific Ocean. This park is designed for allowing kids to let loose by plummeting down fast chutes of water and head into large pools to end the ride. Thunder Cove is an enormous wave pool and brings a new meaning to the term bodysurfing.

The Laguna Hills Mall isn’t the largest shopping center in Orange County, but its definitely a less crowded alternative to other surrounding shopping centers and malls. Shoppers are able to choose from large retailers such as Sears, J. C. Penney, and Macy’s. Every October, the Pumpkin City Pumpkin Patch is held in the parking lot, and is a Halloween party that is extremely popular for kids because of the pony rides, petting zoo, and wide selection of pumpkins.

One of the best grocery chain stores in Southern California, Trader Joes, is located right next door to the Mall, and is an amazing place to purchase a wide variety of groceries. Many of the items that Trader Joe’s offer cannot be found anywhere else in Orange County, and their prices are unusually cheap. The Mediterranean Grocery and Deli allows you to stock your pantry with delicacies from Greece, India, Arabia, and Persia. You’ll find tea, cheese, rice, yogurt and rice that is usually found in Middle Eastern and Eastern European countries.

Future residents can find real estate at prices as low as $48,000 for a one bedroom condo and can reach to prices as high as $8 million for a seven bedroom, ten bath home. It has something for families, singles, and retirees, offering proximity to beaches, shops and restaurants. Four public schools are in the area offering Elementary and High School aged children education. If private schools are your preference, there are four other choices to decide from. Temperatures in Laguna Hills average from 55 degrees to 69 degrees, allowing residents and visitors to not worry about being too cold or warm during outside activities.