Laguna Beach Real Estate

Known as an artist’s colony, Laguna Beach has continually attracted artists who were inspired by the sea. The result of this active artist community is a number of art galleries that fill the beautiful town. If you walk anywhere along the Pacific Coast Highway or Forest Avenue, you’ll find art for sale to suit every décor. You can view work from both the novice or master artists, either way, you’ll be sure to enhance your art collection.

The Pageant of the Masters is a unique art festival which features arts of work by famous painters who use live models, mostly citizens of the community who volunteer. This event is internationally famous and is held on the second week of July through August in Laguna Canyon. It was founded in 1933, and it celebrates Laguna Beach’s dedication to all artists within the area and country.

Dog Park is just what its name says, a park for your dog. Loaned to the community by a local utility company, dog owners visit the park daily to allow their dogs to run around for a few minutes. The Friends of the Sea Lion Marine Mammal Center is a hospital for sick and injured marine mammals and birds. While it is somewhat distressing to see the sick animals, it is gratifying to watch them be nursed back to health.

The Laguna Playhouse is the oldest continuously operating theater company on the West Coast. It’s been open since 1920, and is the perfect place to watch a musical or a drama between the months of September to June.

There are plenty of places to choose from when it comes to shopping in Laguna Beach. The Potter Shack is a great place to shop for tableware, glassware, and dishes. Laguna Village is a great place to share a glass of wine and view the ocean in the mid-afternoon. The Forest Avenue/Lumberyard Mall is right in the heart of Laguna, and is a perfect place to purchase souvenirs and paintings.

After biking around the beach or just lying in the sun, visitors can check in at hotels like the America’s Best Inn, Best Western Laguna Brisas Spa Hotel or the Aliso Creek Inn. Laguna Beach Real Estate can go as low as $118,000, allowing just about anyone to get a chance to buy a home in this lovely area. Those who like to soak in the sun won’t even have to leave their yard to get that beautiful tan. Some homes can reach prices as high as $33 million, allowing those with big pockets to invest in a beautiful home in a fantastic city. For families with children in grades Kindergarten to 12th have access to five schools; two being Elementary, one a middle school and the last being a high school. Classes are small, so you won’t have to worry about your children being over-swamped with peer competition for teacher attention. Sources